Before Saxman Justyn became the musician and live performance act he is today he was a fan of music. Having a background in classical music, he played the violin & viola as part of an orchestral ensemble in the late 80’s. After gaining a more in-depth musical experience he began to form his own sound & eventually built up the confidence to try out a new instrument, the saxophone.

His friends laughed when he first decided he was going to pick-up this new instrument, but the laughter didn’t last long. Through Justyn’s focused attempts to improve and rigorous practice he became a fully-fledged saxophonist and went on to later release his first full-length Gospel album as a saxophonist, You Alone.

Today Justyn has become a fan favourite in the live performance circuit and regularly books gigs performing for large co-operations, Gala & Ballroom events, Birthday Parties, Gospel music events, Weddings & more. If you feel your next event could benefit from having some of the Saxman’s live music on show please get in contact here.

Being a member of the Musicians Union, developing skills as a saxophonist that the audience would enjoy has become an integral part of Justyn’s live show. The Saxophone itself is a classy, smooth & sophisticated instrument. If you’re after music to set the tone at your wedding ceremony, or maybe stylish upbeat jazz for your champagne reception the Saxman known as Justyn will provide.